Katy Math Circle (KMC) exists to ignite in our students a love for math and develop problem-solving skills by exposing participants to unconventional, creative, and engaging math problems and concepts.

KMC students learn from outstanding guest presenters, work together to solve exciting math problems, and participate in the MATHCOUNTS National Math Club, a national program that gives middle school students the opportunity to engage in mathematics that is non-competitive, fun, and different from "textbook math."

Moreover, KMC participants take advantage of educational opportunities around the Houston area and also host special math events for our community.


Rosa Inés Aristy

Rosa describes herself as an inquisitive lifelong learner. As a homeschool mother, she has witnessed firsthand how math cultivates curiosity, enhances problem solving skills, and develops character. Rosa firmly believes that by nurturing a love for math and promoting math mastery, children are bound to become influential, engaged, and caring global citizens.

María Velez

María encourages all with her devoted, caring and helpful disposition. She joyfully embraces the opportunity to teach her own children and sees math as incredibly necessary for developing logic. María considers figuring out challenging math problems with her children and friends a most invigorating pursuit. Together with our circle members, María strives to climb the math ladder.